Elebula Open 2020

August 17, 2020

What a tournament, what great venues and what great hospitality.

COVID-19 regulations forced LGU to run the event as two separate events. But we still play for that one trophy. This tournament, that has only started in 2019, has already doubled in size in 2020. Yes the people were hungry for golf but also the people were hungry for competition golf.

The tournament started great at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa this year with great food served outside according to regulations and every player making their own food.

The scores were like follows.

73 Jannie Bronkhorst
74 David Wiggill; Neil Rathmann
75 Hendrik Naude; Tiaan Diedericks; Vincent Olley
76 Chris Booysen; Peter Masehela
77 Willie Opperman
78 Thinus Labuschagne; Tyron Luck; Charles Olivier
79 Thinus Laas; Morne Myburgh
80 Arno Lombard; Edwin Mackays; Liano Viviers; Barend Gerber
81 Johnny Demos
82 Cobus Snyman; Stephen Clark; Dave Brown; George Mawere
83 Ruan Mostert; Leon Pieterse; Wayne Smith
84 Riaan Foord; Raymond Pratt; Len Olley
85 Martin van Rooyen; Heinrich Piater; Phillip Weideman; JH Viljoen
86 Erhard Spies; Mmemezi Dlamini
87 Riaan Piek; Gary Krauspe; Thabo Moyo; Johan Dreyer
88 Christopher Atherstone; Gideon Venter; Jan-Hendrik Nieuwoudt
89 MC van Deventer; Francois Hartlief; Jandré van Niekerk
90 Johnathan Schulenburg; Stephan de Beer; Dries Coetzee; Melvin Stevens; Jaco Els
91 Johan Daniel Olwagen
92 Philip Foord; Gerhard van der Merwe
93 Benhardt Steyn (Jnr); Louis Opperman; Andries du Plessis; Jan Jonatan Meintjies; Brian O’Reilly
94 Andy Muller; Raoul van Zyl
95 Jaco Smit
97 James Strydom; Tebogo Ramoshaba; Rene de Jesus Aguinaga
98 Pierre Joynt; Willie Viljoen; Gift Sebolayi
99 Hein Viljoen
100 Richard Schulenburg; Fred Hurter
101 Church Mushwana
103 Wim Reinecke
117 Kgatedi Mosima

End of day 1

So as the sun was setting at Zebula, the players were getting ready for a challenging gruelling 18 holes at arguably the best greens in the country but also a very tough walk at Elements Private Game Reserve on Sunday.

The players, spoiled with great weather, faced a course that was preparing for what should have been the Mid-Amateur IPT this year in October at Elements, now postponed to 2021. The rough was tough, and the greens were slick. Some big scores on some holes out there, but the winners were the guys who hit the ball the straightest and were the most comfortable on the greens.

The scores for round 2

74 Thinus Labuschagne
75 Barend Gerber
77 Jannie Bronkhorst
78 Vincent Olley; Tiaan Diedericks
79 Willie Opperman
81 Arno Lombard; Peter Masehela
82 Neil Rathmann
83 Stephan de Beer; David Wiggill; Tyron Luck; MC van Deventer
84 Jan-Hendrik Nieuwoudt; Johnny Demos
85 Stephen Clark; Wayne Smith
86 Benhardt Steyn (Jnr); Thinus Laas; Louis Opperman; Chris Booysen
87 Charles Olivier; Erhard Spies
88 George Mawere; Riaan Foord; JH Viljoen; Liano Viviers
89 Cobus Snyman; Martin van Rooyen
90 Johnathan Schulenburg; Leon Pieterse; Christopher Atherstone
91 Heinrich Piater; Rene de Jesus Aguinaga; Len Olley
92 Dries Coetzee; Dave Brown; Francois Hartlief
93 Richard Schulenburg; Thabo Moyo; Jandré van Niekerk; Gideon Venter
94 Hendrik Naude
95 Phillip Weideman; Gary Krauspe; Johan Dreyer; Edwin Mackays
96 Ruan Mostert
97 Pierre Joynt; Fred Hurter
98 Jaco Els; James Strydom
99 Johan Daniel Olwagen; Raoul van Zyl
102 Kgatedi Mosima; Wim Reinecke; Melvin Stevens
103 Willie Viljoen; Andy Muller
104 Jan Jonatan Meintjies
107 Philip Foord; Andries du Plessis; Hein Viljoen
108 Jaco Smit
110 Gerhard van der Merwe

Elebula Champion 2020


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